Principal's Update

Principal's Update


January 29, 2018


Can you believe that we are turning the calendar this week to the month of February? Each year, I receive a new calendar as a holiday gift from my family. This year’s calendar is titled “Mindful Living” and it hangs right near my desk – a timely reminder to be present in the moment of each and every day. In our ever so crazy busy world, I have committed myself to the meaning of this calendar and to let it serve as a guidepost in 2018. I think February’s inspiration from Disraeli may just be my favorite: “The greatest good you can do for another is not just to share your riches, but to reveal to him his own.” This quote reminds me that the journey we take is one that we take together as a strong and committed community working to bring out the best in one another each and every day. True, indeed.

Looking ahead, the next two weeks are busy ones. Our boys and girls basketball teams will play home games today, Monday, against Tahanto, and next Thursday, February 8, against Bromfield.  If you are able, please come join us as we cheer on both teams. It’s always great to see our bleachers filled with fans!

Next Friday, February 9, we will host visits from outside presenters in both 6th and 8th grade, respectively. Lancaster PTO Cultural Enrichment will sponsor two cultural enrichment programs. Our 6th graders will enjoy the presentation, “MythMasters,” a program intended to “blow the dust off stories from ancient Greece… and bring Mount Olympus to life!” And in 8th grade, we will host a visit from the Museum of Fine Arts Outreach program. The Outreach program will introduce students to the “Photography as Social Witness” program through their traveling museum collection. Students will examine images of early- to mid-20th century America and learn how artists—past and present—use photography as a tool for documenting and seeking change on important social issues of their time.

Our school is deeply grateful to the Lancaster PTO and the Lancaster Cultural Council for their continued support and financial assistance in support of programming to enrich and strengthen our students’ experience.

Thank you Lancaster community!

Warm Regards,

Laura Friend



February 5 – Spelling Bee (snow date, February 12), 6:00 PM

February 7 – Lancaster PTO, 6:30 PM, MRE library

February 9 – Early Release Professional Development, 11:30 AM (dismissal)

February 16 – 5th Annual NRSD Basketball Play Day, 6:00 PM, NRHS

February 19-23 – President’s Day, February Vacation (no school)

March 5 – Rising Freshmen Academic Night, 6:30 PM, NRHS auditorium

March 6 – LBMS School Council, 3:00 PM

March 8 – Early Release, Afternoon & Evening Parent Teacher Conferences, 11:30 AM (dismissal)

March 9 – No School, Full day Professional Development

March 16 – Early Release, Afternoon Parent Teacher Conferences, 11:30 AM (dismissal)

March 23, 24 – “Mirror Image,” LBMS Musical, 6:30 PM




Project 351 Day of Service

This past weekend, 8th grader Margot Sonia represented our school at the annual service and launch day for Project 351. The mission of Project of 351 is to unite diverse 8th grade service Ambassadors from every city and town in the Commonwealth for an inspirational year of community service, leadership development, and enrichment. On Sunday, Margot worked with her fellow Ambassadors to provide service at local organizations, including the Greater Boston Food Bank and the Pine Street Inn. A special thank you to Mrs. Hutton for serving as our Project 351 ambassador mentor, and an equally deep thank you to Margot Sonia, Burbank’s own ambassador, for making all of us very, very proud… We can’t wait to support your service work in the weeks and months to come.

LBMS Geography Bee

Congratulations to our two Geo Bee Finalists: Sabina Schleuter (gr.7), and Jonathan Castner (gr. 7). After several competitive rounds, Sabina and Jonathan outpaced their fellow students by answering a variety of tough questions about U.S. and world geography. Sabina was crowned 2018 LBMS Champion in the championship round.  We wish Sabina the best as she moves to the next phase of her geography journey which includes a qualifying test for the state Bee.

Nashoba Regional School District Middle School Basketball 5th Annual Play Day

The Nashoba Regional High School basketball programs and coaches have invited Florence

Sawyer, Hale, and Luther Burbank middle school basketball teams to the high school to compete in the 5th Annual NRSD Play Day on Friday, February, 16 at 6:00 PM. This event not only brings our middle schools together, it also helps to support the American Cancer Society. All are welcome to cheer on our athletes in the upper and lower gyms at NRHS. Admission is free, with donations accepted with appreciation.

The Physiology of Addiction, Dr. Ruth Potee to speak at Perkins

Dr. Ruth Potee will speak at the Perkins School at 6:00 PM on February 15, 2018, about the physiology of addiction. Dr. Potee’s well researched talks on addiction, substance use, and the development of the teenage brain have been well-received by a variety of audiences. This free event has been graciously extended to our school community by the Perkins School.  Register here.

February NRSD Enrichment

The 2018 February Enrichment Academy registration is now open! This vacation academy has many exciting fully day and half day opportunities for students in grades K-8. Additionally, the Academy is also offering a one hour four day archery opportunity for students in grades 4-8. The February Enrichment Academy is open to students in Stow, Bolton, and Lancaster. To read more and register, click here.

Rising Freshmen Academic Presentation at NRHS

Nashoba Regional High School will hold its annual presentation regarding its academic program and the course selection process for 8th graders and their parents from 6:30 – 8:00 PM on Monday, March 5th in the high school auditorium. This evening is designed for students and parents to gain an understanding of the 4-year academic program at the high school and how the course selection process will work for 8th graders. Department chairpersons will be available to answer questions. No courses will be selected this evening. All parents of the Class of 2022 are encouraged to attend. Information that will be presented to all 8th graders at the middle schools will also be shared.  In the case of a school cancellation, the snow date for this event is Tuesday, March 6th from 6:30- 8:00 PM.


We have been hearing lots of reports about the widespread nature and severity of the flu this winter.  We have been taking extra precautions here at school to wipe down hard surfaces to prevent the spread of germs. What can you do to keep your family safe and healthy? First of all, it is not too late to get a flu shot for yourself and the members of your family if you have not already done so.  Flu season is still going strong and has not peaked as of yet.  It can last well into May.  The flu shot may not prevent you from getting the flu, but it will lessen the flu’s severity and the risk of developing complications.

What else can you do to prevent getting sick? The single most important thing to do to prevent the spread of germs is to wash your hands frequently. Soap up between your fingers and don’t forget your thumbs, and scrub for 20 seconds.  Using paper towels to dry your hands instead of the community kitchen or bathroom towel can also cut down on the spread of infection during cold and flu season. If you do choose to use a towel, wash it daily. Keep the antibacterial wipes handy so you can wipe off surfaces that are frequently touched by others like the remote control; door knobs; hand rails; light switches; refrigerator door handles; faucet handles and any hard surfaces where germs can land.

If someone in your house has a cold, isolate their toothbrush from the others to prevent the spread of germs. Once they are well, replace the toothbrush or the toothbrush head with a new one. Use a tissue to cover your nose and mouth when coughing or sneezing and then discard.

If you or someone in your family is sick, limit your exposure to others as much as is possible. For any signs of a fever, do stay home until you have been fever-free for 24 hours without the use of over-the-counter fever reducing medication like Tylenol/Advil/Motrin.  Most people who get the flu get better in several days to less than two weeks. But, parents should call the doctor about their child if their child is not drinking, is very lethargic, has pain in a specific place in his/her chest, or is having difficulty breathing after normal activity like going up the stairs. If your child seems to be getting better and suddenly gets worse, seek medical attention immediately.  This can be a sign of a secondary bacterial infection.

If your child is diagnosed with the flu, please get a note from your child’s physician indicating this as well as the length of time that your child will need to be absent. The purpose of this is two-fold. First, your child’s absences will be medically excused and second, it allows us to track the occurrence of the flu.


This year, the Nashoba Regional school District will join other middle and high schools across the state to engage students in substance abuse prevention and education. The Commonwealth passed legislation in March, 2016 mandating all middle and high schools participate in this endeavor and screen students with a verbal screening process. The purpose is to prevent or delay a student from his/her first substance use. Research shows that simply asking a young person about drug and alcohol use can lead to positive behavior changes. Too often, the adults that adolescents trust most are reluctant to begin difficult conversations. The SBIRT (screening, brief intervention, and referral to treatment) approach, being used by all schools, is a public health approach that involves asking a young person a few questions about drug and alcohol use and providing guidance or referring him/her to treatment if a problem exists.

Luther Burbank will screen 7th grade students during the week of February 5th. The screening team will include our school nursing and counseling staff. Student screening sessions will be brief, approximately 5 minutes, and will be conducted confidentially in a private, individual session. Results are confidential, though parents will be informed if their child’s health or safety is at imminent risk.  Results of the screening will not be included in the student’s school record.

One way to prevent youth substance use is to talk with your child about substance use. For ideas on how to begin these conversations, please refer to the Family Check-up Resource located on the Health Services page on the district website:  If you have any questions regarding this initiative, please feel free to contact Darlene Perkins at 978-365-5629