Drama Club

The LBMS Drama Club will give students the opportunity to participate in supervised creative dramatic activities. Students will learn about all aspects of Theater; on the stage, behind the scenes, lights and sound, promotions and so much more. 

We will practice different forms of dramatic writings and give the students the chance to perform alone or in small groups. Maybe you want to sing a song from your favorite musical or perform a monologue from your favorite movie, or even act out a scene with a group of friends. Each session will end with a small showcase for families. 

How is this different from the school musical?

The musical is a bigger commitment, it requires students to audition and be cast. Rehearsals are twice a week for 2 1/2 months ending in two performances of a Junior version show. Drama Club will be a smaller group setting for kids to explore theater and have some input into what they will get out of it. 

Do I have to do both?

NO! You are welcome to just be part of the Drama Club or just do the play.  Either one or both is up to you. 

Thursdays after school from October- December and April- June in the auditorium and it is open to anyone!

Advisor: Mrs. Kramer