Music Ensembles

Jazz Ensembles

In Jazz Ensemble, students have the opportunity to explore one of the only styles of music that is uniquely American. The ensemble sets up as a traditional "Big Band," but is open to students who play non-traditional jazz instruments as well. Students study a mix of well-known charts, improvisation, jazz technique, and tunes arranged for Big Bands. Jazz Ensemble is open to any student who plays an instrument at 6th grade proficiency. 

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Wind Ensemble 

**Auditions will be scheduled for early October, first rehearsal TBD**

Wind Ensemble is Lancaster's HONORS ensemble, and is the only auditioned ensemble. Students interested in Wind Ensemble should be active members of their grade level Concert Band who are driven, high-achieving in music, and seeking a challenge. As members of an honors ensemble, these young musicians also exemplify leadership in behavior, musicianship, and overall character. Students should audition for Wind Ensemble based on their desire to push themselves and challenge their musical skills. Wind Ensemble aims to have an ideal instrumental balance. This is based on traditional Wind Ensemble section structure. Remaining open seats will be filled based on director recommendation, following auditions. For audition requirements, please visit the Ensemble Page on Ms. Belhumeur's website. 

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Please email Ms. Belhumeur if you have any questions about these groups.

More info can be found on Ms. Belhumeur's website